Why An Offshore Development Model Is The Right Solution To Scale Up Your Tech Team

So when is the right time to invest in an offshore development model?

Your costs are getting out of hand

Employee wages account for more than half of the fixed costs of the average business in Western Europe and the US. Reports suggest that engineers are the most highly-paid workforce today. When you hire expensive local talent with eye-watering salaries, you risk spending more on the payroll of employees than is typical for your industry.

You’re turning down growth opportunities

Imagine business is booming. You’re growing like never before, and receiving inquiries from potential clients which would be game-changers for your business. Unfortunately, because of your limited capacity, you can’t accommodate them. You’re turning away profit-generating, growth-enabling business.

1. Do you put enough emphasis on technical documentation?

Documentation is a fundamental part of building software. It’s arguably more important than the source code itself.

2. Do you leverage modern communication tools?

While communication between developers of your in-house team is essential, establishing efficient two-way communication between your in-house team and the offshore team is even more critical.

3. Do you have a task management system in place?

Your in-house team and your offshore team will have a common agenda: build amazing software. This doesn’t mean they’re going to work perfectly in conjunction with each other every step of the way. Without a task management system in place, neither team will have any idea what the other is working on.

4. Do you know what kind of candidates you want to hire?

Your hiring process throws light on the kind of candidates and developers that you are looking for. Ask yourself, if you have a recruitment strategy every time you hire a candidate for your business. Are you looking for experienced developers or do you encourage self-learning? Communicate this with the offshore software development partner that you are looking to associate with. These factors are crucial in moulding the foundation of your offshore team.

5. Do you encourage cultural diversity?

If you’re looking to offshore to countries like India, you’re going to come across developers whose culture is different from yours. They may consider different approaches to tasks and problems, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise when that happens. Instead, you should be able to understand their thought processes and give room for them to be heard.



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