The 2019 Guide To Offshore Software Development Services

So what are offshore development ‘services’ exactly?

  • Operating costs — Building teams in Eastern Europe or India is less expensive than Paris, or London, or New York. Premises, equipment, and salaries are all lower thanks to the more affordable cost of living.
  • Scarcity of talent — Across Western Europe and America, highly-qualified software engineers can be hard to nail down. Tech economies like Bangalore produce more world-class IT engineers than anywhere on the planet.
  • Limited expansion — Quickly scaling-up business can be difficult. Going offshore lets businesses purchase larger offices, change more dynamically, and not worry about finding adequate staff.

How is this different from outsourcing?

What is offshoring?

How an offshore team actually works

Vetting an offshoring company

  1. Look at their work history Case studies are a great way to see what kind of work the company has done, their reputed success, and what level of clients they’re used to. These demonstrate the ability to solve problems and build teams that are tailored to specific requirements.
  2. Get on the phone — By speaking with the sales VP or even a CEO, you can get to know the ethos, temperament, and attitude of those running the business.
  3. Ask real questions — Tell them your situation and ask for their advice. What should we do? How would that work? What would it cost? If they’re the real deal, they’ll be able to supply answers.

Why India?



So where’s the compromise?

So how do you get started?




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