Solving the US Shortage of Software Engineers With Global Talent

Emilien Coquard
2 min readJun 8, 2022

The United States is experiencing a talent shortage unlike anything it’s witnessed previously. Like many things post-pandemic, something’s simply aren’t going back in the bag, and rapid digitalisation is one of them. As banks to automotive OEMs, retail chains to food companies — everyone is transforming and becoming software-centric businesses. Alongside the ‘Great Resignation’ across sectors — including tech, this poses a problem. How does an organisation put software at the heart of what they do, if they can’t find world-class software development talent? It’s simply not possible.

Why are businesses going ‘software first’?

“Digital first”, “software first”… these terms ultimately mean the same thing. It means offerings and processes that are as digital as possible, both for your customers as well as you as a business. “Software centric” means putting software to the centre of your business objectives — to a lesser or larger degree than right now.

The right engineering talent enables you to put this strategy into action — delivering digital products and services to your customers with fewer correction iterations and quicker overall. Insurance providers, retail brands, manufacturing businesses, and everything in between have been transforming to software-first organisations to keep pace with their rivals in the race to digitalisation. A software-first approach has the capacity to improve the offering and operations across an entire business. For example, for companies with legacy enterprise systems, agile infrastructure enabled by the cloud helps to keep them ahead of the curve.

The shortage of software engineers is a barrier to transformation

A new opportunity exists for companies to update their business model by leveraging software as a strategy. Enabled by innovative solutions, it enables organisations to keep competitive and drive lower costs, drive value, and deliver genuine customer centricity. For companies, the opportunities created by the shift to software centricity are obvious. Quite simply, software is the engine room of today’s business. For customers, software is the way they engage with a company — to place orders, request help, apply for credit, view accounts, troubleshoot their problems, and more.

But to achieve this goal, the need for elite engineering talent is crucial. But the US is facing a shortage of software engineers and it’s a problem that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Alongside increasingly competitive local talent markets, has the time come for them to look beyond local for their developers?

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