Offshore Development Teams: A Solution to the Great Resignation?

Last year, following widespread job losses in the early months of the pandemic, a high number of job vacancies opened up. Unfortunately, lower unemployment rates led to a tight labour market which meant a massive loss of experienced workers.

This situation was made even worse by what experts call the ‘great resignation.’ Workers are quitting en masse. The US has witnessed its highest quit rate in the last 20 years. Most workers cite low pay, a lack of opportunities for advancement, and hostile work environments as reasons for leaving.

The lack of a solution to the great resignation is one of the economy’s most significant issues. While companies are scrambling to develop skill-building initiatives to prepare talent for tomorrow, they still have difficulty filling critical roles in the present. This situation has left them unable to scale.

Companies need highly qualified talent to do so, but as we’ve said, the US is experiencing a shortage of software engineers. Where can companies find support with local talent markets lacking it? In order to grow, these companies will need to look overseas.

Deciding whether to outsource or offshore

Outsourcing is often a cost-effective solution, but it can lead to errors and low-quality output due to the lack of integration into a broader engineering setup, slowing delivery and time to market. Offshoring allows you to go further and leverage incredible expertise and talent, which can be critical in the long run.

Unlike outsourcing, which usually involves assigning a project to a third-party vendor that provides an external development team, offshoring aligns your team members with your organisation.

Your new engineers are aligned with your long-term goals, company culture, and vision. So, when working with an offshore partner, you are not just another client. Besides alleviating the shortage of software engineers, they can help integrate development teams that provide high-value and act as strategic assets in the race towards being a digital-first business.

Building offshore teams as a solution to the great resignation

Almost all sectors now strive to become ‘digital-first’ organisations by digitalising processes to make it easier to assist their customers and improve their offerings and operations across the board. They can achieve this goal by putting software at the centre of their business objectives. However, how can an organisation put software at the centre without world-class software development talent?

The answer is that it can’t. If a company has the right engineering talent, it can implement this strategy and deliver digital products and services to its customers quicker and more accurately. Software helps businesses modernise their business models, and innovative solutions keep organisations competitive, optimise costs, and deliver true customer-centricity. With the unprecedented churn that the labour market has been experiencing, many businesses are now left wondering how they will fill key tech roles.

The good news is that there is a solution to the great resignation, but it all depends on whether you can find a partner that can source talent and skills in global talent pools. An offshore development team is an extension of your existing setup. Working with offshore developers is much the same as working with local colleagues — they are full-time, value-adding colleagues, not outsourced support staff.

Crisis proofing your operations with offshore teams

One of the benefits of offshore teams as a solution to the great resignation is their on-demand adaptability.

A dedicated offshore development team is ‘remote ready’. It can deploy its best talent in a distributed way in case standard operations are disrupted or consolidate them in key business and technology hubs such as Bangalore if necessary.

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