Offshore Development Company vs Freelancers: Which To Choose

Choosing a partner you can count on

When settling on a partner, it’s important to choose one that’s reliable. This means that they will stay with you from start to finish, adding value over the long term.

Building a long-term relationship

When looking at the pros and cons of an offshore development company vs freelancers you’ll need to examine what possibility there is of forming a long-term relationship.

Leveraging software development expertise

Freelancers might be skilled in a particular area, however, if they’re based in a talent-scarce location it might not be a cost-optimal choice to hire them. You will encounter the same problems with local freelancers as you will with standard local hiring. A fierce battle for top talent. Based abroad, you might have to overcome unique challenges in regards to local laws. Or, you’ll have little idea of how they’ll fit your business culturally.

Protecting intellectual property and data

Protecting and securing data is more straightforward when working with an offshore development company vs freelancers. Unfortunately, hiring freelancers poses a threat to confidentiality. In the IT sector, confidentiality is critical for survival. As freelancers operate on a small scale, they lack the necessary infrastructure to protect data privacy and security.

Offering quality assurance

It’s also impossible to verify whether freelancers adhere to the best coding standards since they work independently. Because freelancers focus on the end product rather than the process, the quality of the end product may not be a priority. It may also be difficult for freelance developers to manage their time and organise their work. As a result, you cannot fully control freelancers’ work and ensure they complete tasks on time.



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