Level up your business with an offshore team for enterprises

Businesses need to remain competitive, and to do so in the landscape of the new normal they need to embrace digital. With that, they need to adopt new internal attitudes surrounding the role of IT and a digital-first approach to their business model. To go digital first is to prioritise a digital approach when looking at new opportunities or strategies — aiming to deliver as much of the service as possible in digital form for existing and potential customers.

However, to drive these changes a software-centric approach is key. The challenge to overcome is the IT talent shortage, leaving businesses with a deficit of the skills needed to level up. Can an offshore team for enterprises, tapping into global pools of top talent, be a sufficient solution? Let’s find out.

Transformation tops executive wish lists

With worldwide IT spending forecasted to total €3.8 trillion in 2022 — an increase of 5.2% from 2021 — how much is due to the increased desire to transform? A lot. The pandemic forced hands across sectors, and investment in transformation-enabling tech tops decision maker priority lists as businesses in Europe and North America seek to offer competitive digital products and services to their customers and meet increasing expectations and demands.

By Q1 of 2022, 70% of all organisations will have accelerated their use of digital technologies, transforming existing business processes to drive customer engagement, employee productivity, and business resilience. IT decision makers know that to do this successfully they require top talent, but why the need to explore an offshore team for enterprises when there’s talented engineers graduating all the time in Western Europe and North America? Introducing: the software developer seller’s market.

There exists a large gap between the skills available locally and those necessary for rapid and successful digital transformation. It’s not that the talent isn’t available at all, it’s that the competition for elite engineers is fierce. The tech giants have a monopoly on the cream of the crop and it creates a hugely competitive seller’s market. Skills shortages in Western Europe aren’t a particularly new trend, although signs point to an exacerbation over the past year or so. Companies are fighting hard for the best tech talent available, and there’s simply not enough to go round.

The winds of changing attitudes blow

Businesses now know that — as a result of the ‘new normal’ — that remote working, works. But that’s only for starters. They have also become increasingly familiar and open to the idea of extending their on-site development team with one in an emerging tech hub. In times past, this was based around cost, but today it’s based around plugging skills deficits with engineers capable of exceeding expectations.

This increased knowledge among IT decision makers has manifested itself in the form of many working models, including outsourcing, staff augmentation, and of course offshore teams for enterprises as well as smaller organisations.

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