IT staffing: exploring your options in the tech talent crunch

Emilien Coquard
3 min readSep 27, 2022

Early in the pandemic of 2019, widespread job losses meant that there were numerous openings in employment. Still, a tight labour market contributed to a loss of experienced workers, resulting in a massive resignation that stagnated the growth of many businesses.

In this blog, we want to impart some of our knowledge on ways to improve IT staffing. We hope that you can use it as a guide to augmenting your staff effectively, while gaining a better understanding of what to do in advance to avoid the most frequent issues organisations face.

So, when dealing with IT staffing and retention issues, consider the following suggestions:

Offshore IT staffing is the way to go

In order to fill key tech roles, you need a partner that can source talent and skills from global talent pools. Consider deploying offshore models in a distributed manner and consolidating them in key business and technology hubs if necessary.

While outsourcing is often a cost-effective solution to IT staffing, it can lead to errors and low-quality output. However, offshoring allows you to go further and leverage incredible expertise and talent. As the engineers work exclusively for your organisation and are 100% aligned with your business, it’s scalable and sustainable in a way that traditional outsourcing isn’t. Remember, offshore development teams are just an extension of your existing setup.

Determine your company’s IT staffing needs

The majority of sectors aim to become ‘digital-first’ organisations, and for this to happen, they must hire world-class software developers. Any outsourcing methodology, including IT staffing, is likely to produce inadequate outcomes if you don’t know what issues you want to address.

Examine your company carefully, pinpoint your requirements, and determine which duties could be successfully outsourced. Then begin your search for the ideal vendor. The expert staff augmentation firm should also inquire about your company’s objectives and issues. If you don’t get this kind of query, use it as a warning and keep looking.

Select the right IT staffing partner

However, regardless of how skilled and capable your partner is, going into an offshoring arrangement without a thorough needs analysis will be challenging. Choose your offshoring partner wisely. By dealing with IT staffing issues and enhancing your team, you can provide features more quickly, develop new solutions faster, and decrease your time to market.

A key element of IT staffing is your partner’s ability to determine whether candidates are prepared for offshore collaboration. Typically, it’s due to issues with candidate onboarding or monitoring, or, more specifically, a lack thereof.

offshore collaboration with an internal technical team will be challenging if the onboarding process is poorly planned or does not exist. The same applies whether the team is located in the same building or across the globe. This is why choosing a partner with a well-designed onboarding procedure is essential.

Improve IT staffing screening

To provide effective IT staffing, your offshoring partner must provide a wide range of services that track the performance of the candidates they deliver. By monitoring their progress, they can quickly identify any flaws or misalignments before they significantly impact the rate of development.

There is a tendency for IT recruiting firms to pass off their junior candidates as senior candidates due to poor screening processes. Overstating the qualifications of applicants won’t benefit these companies, however. Eventually, they will be checked into a legitimate software development project.

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