Innovation In Software: Is It Time To Hire Offshore Developers

Getting ahead in a crowded marketplace

The obvious solution is to hire more in-house software developers to keep up with the growing demand and expectations of customers in your industry. But when you factor in the significant hiring costs and the small pool of local developer talent available, that option doesn’t seem so appealing.

1. Define your requirements clearly

This first step might be obvious, but it’s crucial: note down all the skills you require from an ideal candidate. This is your benchmark. Commit time and effort into this list: tech stacks, knowledge of tools/frameworks, experience, personal skills, and so on.

2. Follow a structured interview process

The next step is the interview process. To conduct an effective interview — one that can really assess the competency of candidates — you need to prepare.

  1. Create a list of topics and questions you want to ask.
  2. Order them to give structure to the interview
  3. Mark the most crucial questions so you definitely ask them, even if time runs on

3. Conduct strict technical tests

Because you’re hiring offshore developers, their ability to write efficient code is the most important technical skill. There are loads of online coding test platforms — HackerEarth, Codility, Talview, and HackerRank for example — which you can use. The best option will depend on your development process and business requirements.

4. Look for cultural compatibility of your offshore developers

It’s not uncommon for candidates to excel in technical tests and then underperform just a few months later. Barring exceptional circumstances, poor cultural fit is the most common problem.

What is your company culture?

You should know the core values, goals, and practices that define your organisation. The best-fitting offshore developers will have a work ethic and values which align with those of your company.

5. Establish a time-efficient hiring process

Countries like India and Ukraine is where the software development industry is booming. This means that offshore developers don’t stay free agents for long. An efficient hiring process is therefore essential. You don’t want to lose out on a good candidate because of unforeseen delays! If you think that you’ve found a diamond in the rough, don’t hesitate to invite them to interview.

6. Give candidates a reason to work for you

In an ideal world, candidates would walk out of interviews ready to sign up for the job. Unfortunately, the reality is usually quite different. Competition for skilled offshore developers in countries like India and Ukraine is at an all-time high, which means finding top tech talent is not easy.

Engagement and excite the candidate

You need to make sure the conversation is never one-sided. Don’t constantly bombard your candidate with questions. Prompt them to ask questions about your brand, what your business stands for, or any concerns they have. Remember to be as honest and open in your answers as possible. Use this opportunity to build a personal connection with the candidate, a rapport that will make their decision to work with you a lot easier.



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