How To Choose The Right Offshore Software Development Company

Start by defining what you really want

Before you go headhunting potential companies and signing contracts, make sure you really know what you want to gain from offshoring. Consider putting together a written proposal that outlines your specific goals and metrics, the kind of projects you want to offshore, your capacity and growth targets, existing issues — basically anything you think is relevant to the project.

It’s all about demonstrable experience

If you’re in the room with companies who can’t showcase their successful history delivering offshore teams, then walk out of it. References from colleagues or acquaintances are useful, where possible, but an impressive portfolio is key.

Investigate management capabilities and cultural fit

Management pioneer Peter Drucker once said management is doing things right. While many ‘offshore software development companies’ out there know the right things to say, there are very few who can actually do them.

Evaluate cost-effectiveness, not cost

One way or another, every business solution eventually comes down to cost. Even when the cost seems immaterial, there’s a ceiling somewhere which can’t be breached. If you’re building an offshore development team, it’s about getting access to the best possible talent into your business — but at the most affordable price.

Prioritise long-term goals and strategy

Working with an offshore software development company means you are looking at the long-term. There are short-term milestones, of course, but as you’re integrating a full-time, permanent team into your business, the focus must be on the future.



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