Hiring offshore embedded engineers for your software team

Emilien Coquard
3 min readSep 7, 2022

No matter your industry, the competition to build the best software or application is fierce. This reason is why software engineers are the backbone of all organisations. Specifically, embedded software developers are best at dealing with the complexities and ensuring that embedded solutions are error-free and work seamlessly with consumer devices. But what does this mean? And of course, to properly leverage this type of technology, you need elite-tier embedded engineers. Let’s look a little deeper.

Embedded software 101

Embedded systems have been around for at least 50 years. In today’s world, they are everywhere. The need for embedded software development has grown exponentially, with the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming increasingly crucial in our daily lives. Embedded engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining embedded systems. They prepare and write code to control machines and devices. They specialise in developing programs for specific hardware used in devices such as cars, modems, appliances, and cellular devices.

Numerous industries use embedded software and applications, including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, energy, automotive, and aviation. They develop embedded devices using advanced programming languages like C/C++.

Embedded engineers are capable of helping organisations become more efficient and find scalable ways to migrate their data solutions to the cloud by applying their skills. Because embedded systems have numerous applications, there is increasing competition for local talent. This is why these developers are so invaluable to any software or tech company, but where do you recruit more if you want to scale your organisation?

Locating skills unavailable at home

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for organisations to find engineers specialising in software integration locally. There are not enough educated engineers for companies located in the West to plan and implement enterprise-scale technology integrations. As a result, assembling an on-site team has become increasingly challenging. The wasteful practice of trying but failing to recruit the right people drains an organisation’s budget and exhausts its resources. Often when the engineers are indeed available at home, they’re incredibly hard to retain as the biggest companies have a monopoly on top talent.

Simply put, by offshoring your embedded engineer team you can find engineers with skills unavailable at home. Offshoring your embedded teams is ideal for companies seeking access to a larger talent pool without losing control of their processes. Having an offshore partner that can hire embedded engineers with extensive experience in big data can be a valuable resource. After all, these individuals possess skills such as accessing all enterprise data in one place, switching between cloud providers seamlessly, predicting and optimising spending, and scaling their service operations as needed.

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