An Interview With Our Partner Success Manager

Emilien Coquard
4 min readAug 8, 2022

With The Scalers growing exponentially, we thought now was as good a time as any to give you an inside peek at what goes on behind the scenes of our organisation.

In an exclusive look behind the working operations of The Scalers, our Partner Success Manager Deshika explains what her role is, what the wider role of Partner Success entails — and how this key component provides value for our partners.

What exactly is the Partner Success function at The Scalers?

Partner Success plays a vital role. As we set up software development teams in Bangalore for companies worldwide, we make sure the operations for our partners on the ground run as smoothly as possible. As they’re located in different countries or even on different continents, it’s crucial to make sure they have a partner they trust in Bangalore. Ultimately, someone who can take care of daily operations and more — including initiating recruitment to the closing of engineer hires. And of course, to always provide the opportunity for partners to scale the team as and when needed.

In essence, the Partner Success Team bridges the gap between the partner and the talent acquisition team, who are responsible for finding the top 1% engineering talent for them based on the requirements they share with us. We make sure recruitment is continually running smoothly, and frequently communicate with the partners to ensure there aren’t any challenges and to assess whether there’s an opportunity to scale the team they’ve built further. We also take part in the appraisal process for the entire lifetime of the partnership.

What is your role within the Partner Success team?

I don’t manage a team, I manage The Scalers’ partnerships. In essence, facilitating what I discussed above and I am ‘go-to’ person for some of our partners. I act as the primary point of contact within the organisation for any issues that arise and any requests for further capacity increases, and ensure the quality of service — making sure the collaboration is going smoothly.

How do we scale teams for our partners?

The partner provides us with an initial head count regarding the amount of engineers they require and technology/skills. Once this has been achieved we always make sure it’s as straightforward as possible to add further developers once they’ve seen the value that’s been provided to their organisation. To give you an example, one of our Australian partners had an initial requirement for 10 software engineers, which was increased once they saw the value that The Scalers provided with the initial team.

How exactly does that work, in ‘nuts and bolts’ terms?

It’s entirely collaborative. After the partners share their requirements, our Talent Acquisition team uses various techniques to find the best talent on the market. Then, we present partners with the best candidates that fit what they’re looking for. To boil it down, Partner Success does a lot. From prescreening candidates and more. Even before we begin our process, we liaise with the Sales team during the contract finalisation process and brief them on the market for positions required to the availability of candidates. And, budgets for what the partner needs. Sales then give this information to the partners.

Once the contract is signed, that’s when Partner Success plays its most active role. We do the kick off for the partners, we explain how the recruitment process and operation set up works. We do an in-depth presentation and give them a hiring timeline that’s as accurate as possible.

What role does the Talent Acquisition team play in this?

The TA team doesn’t have a direct relationship with partners, everything goes through Partner Success. Any information or requirements that are needed on the partner side, we communicate this to the TA team so that they can source the most suitable engineers. However, like everything in The Scalers — it’s an incredibly collaborative process.

Once the TA team has everything in place and has implemented The Scalers’ unique recruitment process, they show us the best candidates. We then filter through these ourselves in collaboration with the partners themselves — who perform the final interviews from the cream of the crop.

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