5 Ways to Drive Digital Acceleration in an Era of Increased Transformation

Is digital acceleration just another business buzzword, or is there substance behind it driven by customer appetites for a richer, more holistic online experience? With 45% of companies reporting a positive business impact of digital transformation also reporting higher net revenue growth according to research from Deloitte — the message is clear: drive acceleration or risk being left behind in the shift to digital business.

However, after Covid-19 shook both the business and wider world at its foundations, and forced a multitude of new trends to emerge as a result, what’s changed considering transformation has been on the agenda for a while now? Pace. More specifically, the pace of adoption of certain technologies, processes, and attitudes. The recent Gartner Board of Directors survey highlighted that seven out of 10 boards have accelerated digital business initiatives in the wake of the worldwide pandemic and the resultant disruption.

Initial steps to drive digital acceleration

To set your organisation on the right path to transformation, these are five initial steps to follow to get you off the starting block successfully.

1. Strip out legacy tech for cutting-edge architecture

To adopt a car analogy: to accelerate swiftly, you need to cut excess weight and slow-moving parts. Your organisation’s IT systems and processes are no different. However, business leaders are sometimes skeptical as to whether embracing wholesale digital business strategies can deliver much more than cost reduction. It isn’t only monolithic tech but sometimes monolithic-era attitudes that need to embrace transformation. To change such attitudes, IT Decision Makers need to demonstrate a clear connection between digital acceleration and business velocity, flexibility, continuous innovation, and scalability

2. Embrace cloud-native development

Cloud-native apps are usually built using PaaS and are composed of independent microservices — increasing flexibility, lowering the cost of change, decreasing time to market. These factors enable organisations to deliver and scale software continuously and bring products and services to their customers faster. And of course, they excel in the cloud — a requirement as computing shifts almost entirely off-premise. Businesses who can’t develop a higher percentage of their applications using a cloud-native approach risk falling behind in the shift to digital business

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