4 Challenges Keeping CTOs and CIOs Busy in 2022

The constant changes of the past few years have stopped business leaders from speculating over when this global pandemic will subside, and instead focus on operational shifts that will enable them to better cope with future surprises. As enterprises grapple with the dynamic technological transformations required in the post-pandemic era, CTOs and CIOs are also expected to lead on transformation projects.

The evolving role of the CTOs and CIOs in times of pandemic

Traditionally, the functions of CTOs and CIOs were confined to identifying and tracking emerging technology trends and policies that could enhance their organisation’s offerings and managing processes. But the pandemic-driven acceleration towards digital initiatives is changing this modus operandi.

According to a recent study, 89% CTOs and CIOs see themselves as change agents. Yes! CTOs and CIOs are not mere technology facilitators and advisors but are significant decision makers in the organisation. Obviously, CIOs and IT leaders are facing unexpected challenges too, and they have to support rapid changes. So, it’s time for them to emerge as leaders within organisations more broadly.

CTOs and CIOs are in the spotlight

The previous year has shaped up to be one for the record books. The events of the previous year and how businesses responded to them will change the way business is done for many years to come. As we head into 2022, one thing is definite: CTOs and CIOs are expected to deliver more business value than ever before, which is not easy in this crucial time of change.

The challenges for CTOs and CIOs in 2022 at first glance seem familiar. But, the question is how has your experience over the pandemic years changed your approach? What’s your organisation doing now to become more competitive? How are you getting ready to adapt to the unexpected? These are essential questions to ask. Many come as an outcome of the pandemic while others are driven by digital-first business models that organisational leaders can’t afford to ignore.

2022 is bound to be a busy and vital year for IT leaders. Here we explore some of the important challenges for CTOs and CIOs in the coming years. Leaders who focus on the below priority areas will help their organisations to steal a march over its rivals. We’ll also provide you with some actionable advice on how to tackle them!

1.Balancing harmony and productivity in the hybrid workplace

The pandemic has changed the workplace, initially forcing businesses into a remote work environment. Then this temporary move to remote work lasted a lot longer than anyone expected. Also, businesses realised a few things:

  • Employee productivity largely improved while working remotely.
  • Many employees don’t want to go back to working in the office full time and this has become a valuable employee perk when trying to attract new talent.
  • When you include remote workers, your job pool grows exponentially.

With all these taken into account, most businesses say they’ll use a hybrid work model. But, trying to permanently support hybrid work models will be among the main challenges for CTOs and CIOs well into 2022. For them, being able to support both models needs discussions on whether their current IT infrastructures will support this or if additional technology investments are needed, ensuring that all devices and networks are properly secured, regardless of location, and costs, and how to support a hybrid working model without IT costs spiralling out of control.

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